Remote Deposit Capture

Outsourced Third Party Risk Management
(Vendor Management)

Information & Cyber Security

Internet Banking & Mobile Financial Services

Incident Response Plan

Enterprise-wide Information/Cyber Security Risk Assessment Template

Comprehensive Written Plan that includes a general section and a confidential section with detailed identification and response procedures.

• Purpose
• Policy Statement
• Goals
• Definitions
• Incident Response Team
• Threat Scenarios
• Identification of Incident
• General Response Procedures
• Escalation Procedures
• Employee Responsibilities
• Reporting to the Board of Directors
• Filing Requirements
• Document Incident Costs
• Notification
• Customer Notification Requirements
• Training
• Retention of Records
• Testing of Plan
• Vendor Requirements
• Exhibits
    o Incident Response Call Procedures
    o Retention Requirements
    o Incident Documentation = Response Procedures