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Vendor Management Program – An Enterprise-wide Focus

Vendor Management is a key element of your overall information security program as well as required by FACTA ID Theft Red Flag program and your identity theft program. When you outsource, you are placing your confidential customer information in someone else’s hands along with the control for the security of that information, but you still retain the responsibility for ensuring the integrity, confidentiality, and security of the information. While you need to trust your third parties, the trust can’t be blind. The due diligence process is imperative prior to entering into a relationship. You need to establish rules and guidelines for a successful relationship and establish performance measurement criteria. Just as you run your business with best practices in mind your outsourced partners should do the same. The outsourcing environment is also under going some changes with the arrival of "cloud computing", which makes the due diligence process even more critical. But don't forget about what happens after the contract is signed, due diligence is only part of the equation. Continuing to oversee and monitor that relationship and ensuring performance standards and security requirements are adhered to is also critical. Vendor management is a hot topic for examinations today.


In this presentation we will answer some key questions: Learning Objectives: Join Susan for a discussion on how to develop your vendor management program and be prepared for your next examination.


This presentation is very well suited for a full day session, 2 to 3 hour session, or can be condensed into a high level overview for Webinars and live seminars.


Directors, Senior Management, Risk Managers, IT auditors, Compliance Officers, Operations staff, IT staff, and anyone responsible for developing and implementing the program.

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