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Network and Internet Security Best Practices

In this presentation we will provide information on the current threat landscape, regulatory hot spots, and take a look at some of the challenges and solutions available.

Very well suited for a full day seminar, can be adjusted to fulfill any timeframe of one hour plus.

Security breaches, identity theft, and data leakage dominate the headlines. All the while regulatory requirements increase, and those responsible for security try to keep pace. Along with protecting your customers from unauthorized access to their information and identity theft, you also need to be protecting the institution’s intellectual and proprietary information and ensuring your reputation stays above reproach. With so many solutions and vendors available how do you choose? What should you be concentrating on? What are the real threats? Is there a way to spend our dollars and direct our resources effectively and efficiently?

In this presentation we will cover some of the threats facing institutions today and explore some of the methods for securing your network and protecting your valuable information assets.



Senior Management, IT and operations personnel, information security officers, auditors, compliance officers, network administrators, and anyone else interested in or responsible for implementing and overseeing network security.

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