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The Network Security Headache: Is There An Easy Remedy?

Security breaches, identity theft, and data leakage dominate the headlines. All the while regulatory requirements increase, and those responsible for security try to keep pace. Along with protecting your customer’s information from unauthorized access and identity theft, you also need to be protecting the institution’s intellectual and proprietary information and ensuring your reputation stays above reproach. Since 80 to 90 percent (if not more) of our information assets reside electronically on our networks, the need for securing that information has become imperative.

But what do we mean by network security? What does it entail? Wikipedia defines it as “the provisions made in an underlying computer network infrastructure, policies adopted by the network administrator to protect the network and the network-accessible resources from unauthorized access, and consistent and continuous monitoring and measurement of its effectiveness (or lack) combined together”. While this seems to be a widely accepted definition, we also define it as information security, or at least use the terms synonymous.

Increasing threats, emerging technology, mobile workforce, portable devices, new regulations and guidance all contribute to the challenge of implementing network security/information security: hardening the network, restricting access, logging and monitoring user activity, implementing and enforcing controls and policies.

In this presentation we will cover some of the threats facing institutions today and explore some of the methods for securing your network and protecting your valuable information assets.



Network Administrators, IT Auditors, Senior Management, Operations, Risk Managers, Compliance Officers.

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