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ATMs: Old Threats, New Threats, and Regulatory Concerns

Card skimming at ATMs and POS terminals continues to be an emerging threat for financial institutions, retailers, and consumers. While card skimming isn’t new, the sophistication of the attacks is increasing. The problem is so prevalent that the regulators are issuing warnings to institutions and consumers alike advising all on the thefts and common sense security measures.

Skimming is a high-tech crime that involves attaching small devices to the ATM or POS systems, like pay at the pump gasoline stations that collect ATM, debit, or credit card information when the card is swiped. The thieves are also installing small cameras that steal the PIN as it is input on the keypad.

In addition to the skimmers and regulatory concerns, the US Department of Justice published new ADA Standards for Accessible Design on September 15, 2010, effective March 2012. Among the new standards is a requirement for speech output, meaning machines must be speech enabled.

How does all this affect you? Join us for this presentation that will provide:


Senior management, operations and IT staff, compliance and risk management officers, IT auditors.

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