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Electronic Media and Compliance Issues for Compliance Officers

The use of electronic media, whether by the bank, employees, or customers has exploded in the last two years. Just look around and everywhere you go you will see people using smart phones and iPads. The number of social media sites is also increasing at a rapid pace. In 2009 The Wall Street Journal reported there were more social networking accounts than webmail accounts and there is no reason to believe that trend has decreased over the last two years. Businesses, including financial institutions are leveraging social media for communications with employees, customers, and business partners. The trend is also increasing for the use of mobile financial services, which includes mobile banking, mobile payments, and mobile remote check capture.

In this electronic media decade, it is imperative for compliance officers to be aware of the media, the risks, and the regulations to maintain regulatory compliance. This presentation will provide an overview of the media, its use, risks, and applicable regulations.

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