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The LOL May Be On You: Increasing Risks in Emerging Technologies

The last several years have brought more changes in the banking world than many years since the advent of banking. As financial institutions around the world strive to provide additional services in the “online” world, the threat landscape continues to evolve.

The financial services industry on the whole has taken significant steps to minimize fraud in its online business activities, never the less, the tactics being used are increasing and are becoming more difficult to detect as the simple phishing attack is morphing and blending with other forms of malicious attacks. Insider threats also still exist, in fact, over the last several years we have concentrated so much on the perimeter, we have actually become lax on our internal controls, it’s the old term “crunchy on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside.”

This presentation will explore a variety of threats and risks facing the financial services industry today, discuss at a high level the techniques used, and provide some insight into best practices for implementing controls to detect and mitigate. We will also cover some of the newer technologies and services institutions are deploying.


This presentation is well suited for a full day or can be adjusted to fit into any timeframe, including webinars.


Senior Management, IT and operations personnel, information security officers, auditors, compliance officers, network administrators, and anyone else interested in or responsible for implementing and overseeing security.

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